Dream Interpretation: a snake had a dream. What's the dream for?

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Many people are interested in: if a snake has dreamed - why do you dream? This dream most often symbolizes enemies, cunning, dangers and troubles. For an accurate interpretation, all the circumstances of sleep must be taken into account.

The snake had a dream
Winter Dream: dreamed of a snake. What's the dream for?

Very often such dreams arewarning that someone in the environment of a sleeping man under the guise of friendship hides poisonous thoughts. For a woman, this dream indicates the presence of a dangerous rival. To see snakes that threaten a person's child is a reminder that oversights and omissions in upbringing can badly affect the future of children. The serpent-shaped cube in the dream means that in the entourage of the sleeper the intrigues are twisted, which finally confused the state of affairs. Without any problems and losses, this situation will not be solved. If a person dreams that he has snakes instead of hair, then this is a sign of treacherous, vile and disastrous thoughts. Killing the reptiles in a dream is a sign of a difficult and painful conflict. Squeeze the poison out of the mouth - wrap yourself for the good of someone's intrigue.

Dream Manager Meneghetti: the snake had a dream. What's the dream for?

the dream book had a snake

Since the reptiles are creeping and slippery,this is a symbol of cunning, deceit and deceit. After all, it was the serpent that tempted the apple from the tree of knowledge of Eve, therefore it is the image of temptation. Reptiles also symbolize the fear of death and terrible acts against the sleeper, his concern for his own health, the desire for sexual intercourse, the fear that the opponent will be more cunning and dexterous.

Tsvetkova dream: dreamed of a snake

Reptiles symbolize treachery and cunning. If they crawl to a person, then this is an omen of disease.

Sonny Hasse: the snake had a dream. What's the dream for?

Reptiles symbolize enemies among women. Kill a snake - with honor to overcome problems and get out of a difficult life situation.

English dream book

Reptiles in dreams are the embodiment of the enemy. If a person dreams that he attacks them or presses his feet, then in life enemies can not hurt him. If the reptiles creep away from the sleeper - to victory over the enemies. However, if a snake has dreamed, bitten, and then crawled away, then in real life the enemies will defeat the sleeper, cause him much pain, grief and will not be punished for it. This dream is always a warning: you can not let anyone interfere in your personal life!

dreamed a snake bitten
Russian dream: dreamed of a snake. What's the dream for?

Reptiles are considered as one of the verycomplex symbols for interpretation. And here most often they embody treachery, envy, evil or death. Such a dream can mean a woman. On the other hand, sleep can mean a new life and great wisdom.

East dream book

Reptiles symbolize enemies, which means thatthe way they behave in a dream, it is possible to predict the behavior of the enemies of the sleeper, and also how the cases will unfold in reality. If a snake tries to sting a person in a dream, then in reality he will suffer from enemy machinations. To kill a reptile is to emerge victorious from the struggle.

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