Floristics: what do flowers mean?

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What do the flowers mean? In Japan, the language of flowers is a whole science. According to her, azalea is associated with loneliness, lily - with purity, astra - with sadness, white carnation - with confidence, and red - with hot feelings. Grief is expressed with hydrangeas. Yellow roses are sincere love, and red roses are passionate feelings. White callas symbolize a successful marriage, and gerberas bring happiness. Lilac is the symbol of the first love, and gardenia is usually presented by timid people who do not dare to admit their feelings. Attachment is expressed with violets.

what do the flowers mean

In England, with the help of pansies,feelings. According to many Europeans, the white acacia is a symbol of purity and bright love. In Germany, lilies of the valley are the guarantee of family happiness and harmony. In Bulgaria dahlias are a sign of undivided feelings. Talking about the beauty of daisies it is customary to give to young girls. Lilies - the nobility of the soul, and for the beloved one should choose the white color of the flower, which means: "You are the most compelling!" Congratulations on the birth of a son you need red gladioli, daughter - pink or colorful.

Chrysanthemums symbolize joy, sincerefriendly feelings. For recognition in love, red chrysanthemums are perfect. The tulip is a symbol of great happiness. Red tulips - love revelation, yellow - hopeless love, motley - admiration. Orchid - a symbol of respect, refinement, wisdom. Pink orchids mean affection. What does the gerbera flower mean? This is a hint at subtle flirting.

Creative people are given acanthus. Aconite - a great compliment. The symbol of masculinity and pride is amaralis. Pineapple is given to those who are especially appreciated. With the help of anemones express joy. Anthurium is given to men, it symbolizes courage and individuality. What do the flowers of narcissus mean? Vanity. That's why they are presented to proud people. Marigolds are a symbol of jealousy. Wisteria is a sign of hospitality. Jasmine - attractiveness, sensuality, elegance. Romashka - romantic and youth.

what does the flower mean

What does color mean:

- Red - flowers of life, love, passion.

- Yellow - flowers of the sun, heat, abundance.

- Gray or green-yellow - flowers of envy, infidelity.

- What do the colors of orange mean? Flowers of happiness, holiday, joy, warmth, strength.

- Violet - flowers of sadness, and also luxury and greatness.

- Blue - flowers, symbolizing the cold, calm and melancholy.

- Blue - flowers of purity and fidelity.

- Green - flowers of peace, peace, fertility.

- What do white flowers mean? Chastity, tenderness, purity.

- Pink flowers usually symbolize youth and modesty.

- Black flowers are a symbol of sadness and mourning.


Young girls are not accepted to giverich red flowers, and the elderly - fast-moving and dark. Female bouquets should have rounded shapes, masculine - differ in the intensity of the lines. Children's bouquet is better to arrange from small cheerful flowers, buds should not be opened.

flower color which means

Choosing a bouquet, it is necessary to take into accountcharacter of the person to whom it is meant. Juicy and bright colors will suit the leaders, discreet tone - calm people. Elderly one-tone traditional flowers are suitable, and unusual and creative bouquets will be appreciated by the younger generation. Give flowers with meaning!

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