Simple guessing on wax, the meaning of figures. What lies ahead?

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Who among us did not guess with the help of wax to find outits future destiny? It is quite popular today - fortune telling on wax, the meaning of the figures can be very different depending on the shape, from the layers, burnt and so on. It is very important to choose the right wax, it should be real. This can be found in beekeepers or use church candles. At home, carefully remove the wick from them, since any foreign object can interfere with guessing and distorting all information.

Before divination, create a calm and comfortablefor you the atmosphere. Take care that no one interferes with you during the session, because even if the phone rings and interrupts the fortune telling on wax, the figures can be spoiled by the fact that you are distracted from the process. Therefore, exclude the possibility that someone will disturb you sharply.

For fortune-telling, baptismal water is best suited. In the absence of this, it will also be suitable for thawing. 12 hours before the start of the session, freeze a small amount of water, and after 12 hours, defrost. This water has an excellent energy structure, thanks to which the fortune telling on wax will be successful, the meaning of the figures will be clear and clear.

The easiest way that fortune-telling offerson the wax, the signs in it are visible especially clearly, it's just to drip into the water with candle wax in the same place, so that after a while a figure appears that will show you the truth about the future. If the figure does not add up, it means that now is not the time for divination. Interrupt the session, try to focus on this matter after a while.

Another useful tip: during the divination, use a mirror. Lower it to the bottom of the container with thawed (baptized) water, pour the wax exactly above it. The mirror will reflect the information, due to which the wax will not be able to disperse into the sides. In this case, the wax cast will be information-rich and clear.

Guessing on wax, the value of figures

The egg is a symbol of the emergence of something new, perhaps a child. Often points to the upcoming change.

An apple is a symbol that carries the news of health, material wealth, and harmony in the family. A bitten apple can talk about a certain temptation that should not be resisted.

Man-symbol means that soonon your life journey will meet the person with whom you make friends. He will be close to you. If the girl has turned the figure of a young man, then this means a romantic relationship.

A flower promises a wedding ceremony. Perhaps, under the crown will lead you, and maybe you will just attend the wedding.

Stripes - a symbol of the road. Where - time will tell, it can be just a long trip, and maybe moving abroad for a long time.

The star means that soon you will receive the news that you have been waiting for so long. Most likely, it will be exactly as you want. Many asterisks foreshadow career success.

The mushroom symbolizes perseverance, longevity and vitality.

The leaf of the tree speaks of imminent luck, but there is a possibility that you will be unpleasantly deceived by a close person.

Wreath - a symbol of marriage, most likely in the future, you will make an offer.

The snake foreshadows the disease.

The bridge says that very soon you will find a way out of a difficult situation. If the bridge falls apart, then it foreshadows unpleasant diseases.

The above figures are among themost popular. But in general, fortune telling on wax, the meaning of the figures is a purely individual matter. Do not rest solely on the foregoing. Turn on the fantasy, draw an analogy, turn the wax figure. Those are the associations that will gradually be born in your head, and will be the most correct.

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