Catholic Easter

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Catholic Easter has something in common withOrthodox, but it also has significant differences. The main similarity of Easter with Catholics and with the Orthodox lies in the tradition of painting eggs. The difference is that Catholics have a lot of fun with their use. One of them - baking eggs in the Easter bunny. Many Orthodox did not even hear that there is a special Easter rabbit. This animal has gained popularity as a symbol of fertility. Children at Easter are entertained, looking for eggs and rabbits. It is believed that the figure of this animal brings luck and well-being.

Another difference between Easter for Catholics andOrthodox is in the calendar. Catholics celebrate the Julian calendar, the Orthodox - according to the Gregorian calendar. Only once in all the time the dates of the celebration coincided. This happened in 2011. Such an event someone perceived as a signal that all Christians should live in peace and love. Catholic Easter in different countries is celebrated roughly the same. This, however, does not exclude some national differences. For example, in England Easter traditions have slightly different than in Poland, the Czech Republic or Greece. By the way, in Orthodox Greece this holiday is celebrated in a Catholic way.

The English celebrate Easter in the family circle. Among special treats, it should be noted special buns with a cross. In England, in addition to the general family tradition, in each county you can find their own special fun and entertainment. On this holiday often arrange competitions. Catholic Easter in Italy is one of the most important holidays in the country. After all, Italy is the birthplace of the Catholic faith. Here there is a solemn procession for Easter. Believers move from the Colosseum to the Palatine Hill itself. The holiday here is special because the Pope personally congratulates the believers. It happens at the church of St. Peter. Probably, every Catholic believer should celebrate this event at least once in Rome. As for the dishes, in every city of Italy there are special treats.

In America Easter is celebrated in a special way. It is known that in this country there are many Catholics from different countries. The only thing that unites all believers is that the holiday here is traditionally considered a family holiday. Catholic Easter in the United States can not do without such fun as skating eggs. In all other respects, the representative of each nationality usually follows the traditions of his native country. The main celebration takes place on the square in front of the White House.

Catholic Easter differs from OrthodoxThe fact that the post preceding it is less rigid. It is held twice a week on certain days. The feast begins with the consecration of water and fire in the temples. Then follows a solemn divine service. Catholics have a very interesting ritual, thanks to which the last week before the holiday was called "ashy". This name is not accidental, because believers during this period sprinkle their heads with ashes in a sign of sorrow. Ashes are used not simply, but from the willows left over from last year. Branches are burned, and ash is stored for this case. The action takes place on Wednesday.

The Feast of Easter with Catholics is very fun. He is eagerly awaited by adults and children. Children are waiting for delicious gifts and fun. Adults also do not mind playing and competing. Among the gifts are usually presented with various baskets with rabbits and eggs. The houses are richly decorated, and the tables are laid as sumptuously as on Christmas or New Year's. Easter symbolizes not only the resurrection of Christ, but the coming of spring. People wear smart clothes to meet the holiday as expected. After all, the Easter day signals the onset of a warm season. It is a boundary between winter and spring.

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