Why the mirror is broken: magic and mysticism of mirrors

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In the world there are a lot of signs and superstitions. They believe in some, in others - not very much, others consider it simply ridiculous. For many impressionable people, the sign "to what the mirror is broken" has a special, mystical meaning. Probably, it was passed to us from ancient times, when the mirror was considered the subject of occultism and witchcraft.

Why the mirror is broken: background

The mirror caused confusion and a certainalertness, mixed with curiosity, in people at all times. It has long been interesting to everyone, is there something there in the looking-glass? On this basis, the mirror was attributed various magical and mystical properties, invented ice-cold blood legends and giveings. However, this is nothing more than beautiful fairy tales. So always: that which is incomprehensible, causes an unaccountable fear and generates conjectures.

to what the mirror is broken

Why the mirror is broken: interpretations of signs

Those who believe in signs with mirrors, believe thatthis event is a harbinger of bigger troubles, if not troubles. The broken mirror is surrounded by many beliefs and superstitions that treat it as a symbol of impending misfortunes. For example, it is believed that soon the disease, ruin, death and other misfortunes will follow in the life of the person who broke the mirror. They consider it a bad omen if the mirror is broken in the bride's house. This means bad events related to the wedding and family life in general. The broken mirror is interpreted by many as an omen of quarrels, divorces and turmoil in the house.

Why you can not break a mirror

why you can not break a mirror
From the point of view of the acceptor it is considered that througha broken mirror in our reality can penetrate the essence of other dimensions of the universe. Modern magicians and sorcerers (like their predecessors) call the mirror a passageway connecting different spaces. In their opinion, in the looking-glass there are spirits, souls or certain creatures that can, if they fall into our dimension, harm the ordinary person. Many legends, legends and epic stories are connected with plots in which there is someone on the other side of the mirror (remember the mystical fairy tale of Pushkin and the famous lines "My light, mirror, tell me the whole truth").

What does the broken mirror mean: mysticism and the magic of mirrors

which means a broken mirror
At the esoteric level, the mirror is considered a kind ofa magnet that attracts and absorbs all negative energy from bad thoughts and actions, as well as a negated negative of the people living in the house. Proceeding from this, the mirror must be protected, so as not to release the accumulated mass with energy with a minus sign. She will draw to her and, consequently, into the house negative events, illnesses, quarrels, scandals and weighty losses.

There are also interpretations to which the mirror is broken. Being a symbol of duality, dualism (in the terminology of esotericists), it reflects not only the material, but also the spiritual shell. For this reason, you should always smile, be friendly and in a good mood, when you look in the mirror, and they must often be washed and not brought to desolation. It is useful to say nice, positive words to your reflection. And if the mirror is broken and you are upset, then mark the fragments on a blank white sheet of paper and throw it where you leave the garbage. This is a purification ritual that helps to relieve an unpleasant event in life easier.

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