What is the Chinese Book of Changes?

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The Chinese Book of Changes is one of the most ancienttexts. This is not only a treatise for fortune telling. It contains deep wisdom, the philosophy of life and the spiritual culture of the people. Throughout the centuries-old history of China, this book has had a considerable impact on the life and life of each of its residents.


The Chinese Book of Changes, or I Ching, is not onlyanswers questions, it shows how best to do a person in a given situation, that is, gives him the right to choose and helps to treat life's difficulties in a philosophical way. This is how it differs from other types of divination.

Chinese book of changes

According to one of the ancient Chinese legends, the Book of Changes was created by the ruler Fu Xi, who lived in the 3rd millennium BC. e. It is based on the doctrine that everything in the world is changeable and contradictory.

Purpose of creation

Wondered about the Book of Changes for centuries, notonly the Chinese. To its wisdom people from different countries, rich and poor, titled persons and peasants addressed. Some tried to find answers, others asked the Book about how to act in certain situations, the third looked into it out of curiosity. But in each case, the Chinese Book of Changes proved that it can help a person even in the most difficult situation. That is why it is so revered in China and far beyond its borders. Today, the Chinese Book of Changes is in every family, even the poorest. To her, the Chinese are treated as Europeans to the Bible or Muslims to the Koran. It is believed that the book brings good luck.


The Classical Chinese Book of Changes contains 64symbol. They are called hexagrams, since each symbol consists of six bands, united in trigrams. Each feature can be solid or torn. A straight line symbolizes the state of activity, light, Jan, and interrupted, on the contrary, is a testimony of Yin - darkness and passivity in divination. The trigram consisting of solid lines - Yan, light, from torn - Yin, shadow.

Chinese book of interpretation

Accordingly, if it includes two integrallines and one interrupted, it is called predominantly light, and a trigram with two broken features and one continuous one - a shadow one. Hexagrams can also be dominated by either the Yang or Yin type. All combinations are numbered and have their name. Each hexogram corresponds to a certain value. It reflects the current situation and its possible outcome, if the guesser takes advantage of the advice of the Book. All explanatory texts are very extensive. This shows that the Chinese sages considered the possible exits from each situation in the most careful way. This is how the Chinese Book of Changes is unique.

Divination by her leads with the help of three identicalcoins. The eagle means Yang, you need to draw a solid line, tails - Yin, respectively, the broken line is drawn. In China, divination by the Book of Changes is a whole ritual with the use of special yarrow sticks. Europeans are used to more simple guessing with the help of coins. Before the session, you need to focus on the question. Clearly formulate it and only then start throwing coins. They are tossed six times in turn. If, at the same time, two or three coins immediately went up with an eagle - they draw a solid line, if two or three heads fell - intermittently.

classical Chinese book of changes

It should be remembered that the hexagram is made from belowup, that is, draw lines one above the other. Although some sources try to prove the opposite. After all six lines have been drawn, the hexagram must be divided into two parts and found in the table its number. Now you can read what the Chinese Book of Changes will say. The interpretation of each combination consists of two parts. The first answers the question of the guesser, and the second one contains advice on how to behave in this situation.


When guessing on the Book of Changes, you must follow several rules:

  1. Do not ask the same question, even if you do not like the answer.
  2. Do not ask stupid questions such as "How much will 2 + 2?", Checking the Book.
  3. For one session without the urgent need to ask more than one question.
  4. Divination should not be frequent.
  5. Do not use the Book if the intended is directed to the detriment of others.

Chinese book of changing fortune-telling


The Chinese Book of Changes can be a comfort in difficult situations and will be a source of inspiration for all who dare to follow its advice.

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