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The element of fire has a magical meaning. Fire is one of the four elements that represent the state, the character of people. He symbolizes strong feelings - joy, anger, pride. What in a dream means a fire? Sonnik Tzvetkova says - joy. At the same time, fire, smoke in interpretation are symbols of danger. Another interpretation of fire is an impossible dream. The flame is a symbol of a strong alarm.

Fire does not happen without fire, smoke, flame. It turns out that the joy that the fire foreshadows in the interpretation of the dream is colored with anxiety, coupled with a sense of danger, unrealizable dreams. This is the explanation of this symbol of sleep according to Tsvetkov.

Let's see what in other dream books means fire. Miller's dream: if there were no human victims, you are waiting for a change for the better. You will achieve happiness and prosperity.

Especially says a lot about the symbol of the fireNostradamus. In its interpretation, the fire signifies carnal desires, a passion for change, and enthusiasm. If the sleeper participates in arson, he is in for a decisive change. They will be caused by some kind of injustice. The sleeper participates in extinguishing a fire - it means that spontaneously arising unrest will turn into an organized movement. Sleep promises complexity and disarrangement.

We leaf through the nostradamus dream book. Why does the fire in the room? It turns out that he portends a betrayal by mutual consent. But it will lead to complex relationships, disasters, adventures. Finally, another symbol - a fire, lighted by lightning. He promises to meet with the main person of your life, and it will be connected with amazing circumstances.

According to Longuet's dream book: if you observe how to extinguish a fire, then you are waiting for conflicts with loved ones. And the reason is your incontinence. Let's see what else contains the dream book. Interpretation of dreams: a fire, to escape from it - means resentment, the vulnerability of the sleeper. There is a big quarrel, a failure.

If people perish during a fire - a dreamwarns that the sleeper will be dragged into a dubious enterprise that will end in failure. He will have new enemies. In general, a fire on Longo - to quarrels, big setbacks.

Hasse interprets the fire in a different way. Her dream book states that when you see him in a dream, you should wait for joyful news. Fire with smoke, according to Hasse, actually speak of a threatening danger, but in combination with a fire their meaning changes.

In Freud, a fire is a symbol of sexual intercourse. Subconscious drives, carefully suppressed by the mind, burst into the consciousness of the sleeper in the form of this bright and formidable symbol. If the sleeper extinguishes a fire, he may have genital diseases. Uncertainty of the impending sexual intercourse symbolizes a burning home. On the sexual fantasies of the sleeper says a fire, visible from the outside.

Let's see how this image of Velezov unravelsthe messenger. An omen, according to him, is a fire, a sign of love, happiness, wealth, heat, good weather. The dream interpreter interprets the symbol as well as a testimony of love, the upcoming wedding. If the house burns - this is to the amazing news. If the city burns - to disease, moraine, war. The most you extinguish a fire is not good. Perhaps the sleeper is waiting for hard work. But if he sees a fire extinguish others, a good sleep.

The French dream interpreter interprets the fire as a misfortune,if the flame covers the whole house. If, in a raging fire, the flame does not touch the walls of your house, a good sleep. He says that you will be appreciated.

This is the interpretation of the symbol of dreams "fire" the mostpopular dream books. What value will you choose when you solve your dream? Perhaps, it is worth it, relying on intuition, without hesitation for a long time, immediately choose what seems to be true. The decision that came subconsciously often is more correct than what was taken after a long deliberation. Well, you will decide for yourself.

Good dreams, good interpretations!

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