They say that 13 is an unlucky number. Why?

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Everyone says that 13 is an unlucky number. Why? At first glance - quite an ordinary number. But there are many legends and beliefs associated with it. Someone thinks this is a fiction, somebody believes that 13 is an unlucky number. Why? This is exactly what will be discussed in the article.

13 the number is unfortunate why

Baker's dozen

The reason for the unlucky number 13 comes from the depthscenturies. In ancient times, many peoples used the method of calculation, which differs from the modern decimal system. The basis was the number 12, and the account was made by dozens. The number 13 against this background was rather doubtful, since it was not divided into any other number, except for a unit and an eigenvalue.

Everyone said that 13 was an unlucky number. Why? The number 12 was considered the end of a dozen and was associated with the ideal and harmonious end of the world, and adding something to it cast doubt on this superiority. In addition, the number 13 goes beyond a dozen, and thus, a transition is made to the unknown, which in ancient times corresponded to death.

They say: 13 is an unlucky number. Why? Since ancient times it has received the name of "the devil's dozen", in which an ominous and magical meaning is invested. In the Middle Ages, a legend about the Sabbath of the 12 witches and Satan was born. The thirteenth person sitting at the table with Jesus Christ was the apostle who later betrayed him.

why 13 unlucky number

Superstitions caused by the number 13

Why 13 is an unlucky number? What superstitions are connected with it? Unfortunately, a negative attitude toward the "fucking dozen" is present even now. Scientists explain this as a typical superstition, which has its roots from ancient times. But at the same time, they state the fact of the increase of negative events and accidents that day.

13 is of great concern to Americans. There is no 13th floor in the hotel, 13th flight, in the airplane 13th row and so on. Europe is also not inferior to them. For example, in France it is considered a great failure to have 13 employees in the firm or take 13 guests, in this case one more person is usually added or a doll is put at the table.

Many people call 13 if not fear, thenanxiety and discomfort. This applies to both ordinary people and celebrities. Napoleon on this day refused to fight, the composer Arnold Schoenberg, fearing very much on the 13th, died just at this time.

There is a rather interesting old superstition,that a man, the sum of the letters of the surname and whose name is equal to thirteen, has the destiny of the devil. But the inhabitants of ancient Egypt considered this number to be happy in connection with the afterlife of life. 13 can be called the greatest superstition of all existing in the modern world.

why the number 13 is considered unlucky

Friday the 13th

The number 13 during the year several times falls on the day of the week - Friday and this combination is considered very unfavorable and mystical. People are wary and wary about this period.

Why is the 13th on Friday the most unlucky? According to a legend on Friday, Eve gave Adam a forbidden apple, Cain killed his brother Abel. On Friday, October 13, 1307, the Templars were particularly cruelly destroyed.

Every fifth European is afraid of the 13th and especially when he gets on Friday. Surgeons refuse operations, it is not recommended to conclude deals and celebrate weddings.

A great danger lurks for computerprograms, as various viruses are created, which begin their action in this period. According to popular beliefs, it is enough to go to church to prevent the fatal influence of Friday 13.

Cinema and mysticism

Why 13 is an unlucky number? Friday, the 13th with its fears and superstitions is widely used in cinema. At the end of the twentieth century, the same movie about the serial killer with a mask of a hockey player was created, which resurrects the day he died and takes revenge on everyone.

There are 12 horror films of this series. In winter of 2017, it is planned to show viewers another one. Thus, cultural workers inflame passions and emphasize the magical effect of "black Friday".

why the 13th on Friday is the most unlucky

Why is the 13th day unlucky?

It can not be specifically explained why the number 13is considered unhappy. According to some observations this day there are more tragedies, disasters and troubles. But this can be explained by the fact that the 13th number of entrenched superstitions attracts more attention than all other days. And everything else is just an accidental coincidence, such an event could happen at any other time.

For this occasion, some countries have established"Clubs of thirteen", which regularly gather on the 13th of 13 people and thus prove that an exceptional number is a myth and superstition, since nothing bad happens to them.

This number considered such nationalities happy,Like the Maya and the Aztecs, their calendar had 13 months and the same number of days. This opinion on this subject and the Italians. Divination by the Chinese on the "Book of Changes" also makes 13 positive, contributing to success and development.

proverbs about an unlucky number 13

Proverbs about the unlucky number 13

Folk traditions are reflected in utterances and proverbs. This popular number also did not pass this 13. Here are some:

  1. The thirteenth guest is under the table.
  2. Thirteen is an unlucky number.
  3. The thirteenth does not sit down at the table.
  4. Your brother is thirteen to a dozen, and they do not even take it.

It should be noted that in comparison with othernumbers that are considered happy, 13 is not often mentioned in the statements. And the phrases themselves evoke anxiety and negative emotions, that is, they convey the attitude of the people to the very number.

Why is the number 13 considered unhappy? Should I pay special attention to this? Every person undergoes unhappiness and failure in a certain period. If they occur on any days of the month, except for the 13th day - this is perceived as inevitable by absolutely all people. But if there is a tragedy 13, two camps are formed. Some believe in a mere coincidence, while others believe that the reason is in number. There are many such people and it is still difficult to say when a person's consciousness stops reacting to this event.

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