What is the significance of the rings on the fingers

Spiritual development

People from ancient times tried to decorate themselves,especially women. They wanted to emphasize their beauty and personality of nature. However, palmists have always seen this as a sacred meaning. The deciphered value of the rings on the fingers gives us certain information, which means indirectly the power over the wearer.

The value of the rings on the fingers

Firstly, the ring itself or the ring is often a talisman that serves them initially or in time becomes a favorite and unique thing for the owner.
Secondly, in the opinion of palmists, the importancehas not only an ornament, but a finger on which it is worn, because the value of rings on the fingers has long been interpreted by psychologists. This is a kind of encrypted information that a person unconsciously sends to the world. A large and bright ring speaks of the violent, sometimes prone to hysteria, the character of a person. The presence of the ring already indicates the confidence and some arrogance of a person.

The significance of the rings on the fingers is also characterizedthe strength of the signal being applied. Mystics believe that every finger on the hand symbolizes certain qualities of the person, and the magical attribute in the form of a ring only amplifies the signal or weakens.

Usually the rings are worn where the soul wanted, notthinking about it, and the stones are picked not in accordance with their mystical properties, but under the mood or costume. According to these unconscious signs, it is possible to draw certain conclusions about a person, determine his mood and character.

The value of the rings on the fingers

The thumb is the finger of Mars. The ring is worn by emotional people with strong energy. They are impulsive, able to say superfluous, differ in their willfulness and do not deny it, intuitively trying to cool their ardor a little by wearing a ring on their thumb. So, on the first date, such a person subconsciously tries to pacify internal aggression and build a harmonious relationship, to find a common language with the interlocutor.

The index is the finger of Jupiter. Here, the rings are timid, indecisive in nature, people who have some difficulty communicating, easily influenced. The ring speaks of a person's desire to gain self-confidence, leadership qualities. A ring-mounted ring on this finger can mean serious intentions, a desire to conquer.

Saturn is responsible for the middle finger. He often wears family jewelry, trying to emphasize his connection with his ancestors. Subconsciously he believes in his destiny. The ring weakens the influence of rock and frees the wearer, granting him spiritual strength. If it is a question of decorating, putting on a date, rest assured, for this person a meeting with you has been sent from above.

An unnamed finger is traditionally associated with the Sun. Wearing jewelry here means a passion for beauty and luxury. Nature awaits pleasure, it is an indefatigable romantic. On a date, the ring highlights the owner's good mood and his romantic plans.

The little finger is the finger of Mercury. Indicator of a sophisticated mind and a passion for intrigue. The nature is flirtatious, narcissistic and changeable, not alien to gambling and always ready to flirt. Here the ring is designed to calm these qualities. If we talk about dating, a person will most likely embellish the real state of affairs, flirt and fool you.

Wearing rings on fingers value

The value of the rings on the fingers is also interesting from the position of the shape of the stone, since oval stones give the handles grace, and large stones are undesirable for low women with thin fingers.

This is how palmists decipher the wearing of rings on the fingers. The meaning of the place of decoration for you personally you can determine yourself.

Of course, everything is fine in moderation. Rings should be worn both as talismans and as ornaments, as well as for the development or pacification of certain qualities. They are a demonstration of your "I", as well as an indicator of the individuality of other people, to which you can choose a key, noting their features.