How to Treat Prostatitis in Home Conditions

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Disease of prostatitis is inflammation and swellingProstate tissue. In men aged 20 to 50 years, this is the most common urological disease. Doctors believe that the number of illnesses increases with age. After 30 years, 30% of men suffer from prostatitis, 40% after 40 years, 50% after 50 years, and so on. Therefore, it is so important to know how the treatment of prostatitis in the home.

The most frequent and typical symptoms in this disease are:

- a feeling of discomfort and dull pain in the lower abdomen, groin, lower back and scrotum;

-feeling of burning in the urethra and perineum;

-different problems with urination;

-the presence of floating strands in the urine;

- prolonged erections at night;

excessively rapid ejaculation;

-sternity of sensations during orgasm;

- increased fatigue and decreased potency;

-Depression associated with the expectation of further complications of the disease.

If you suspect a disease before you treatprostatitis in the home, you need to see a doctor and undergo urological examination. In the early stages, the disease is treated at home. Assign antibiotics, thermal procedures for the perineum (hot compresses, warm baths), suppositories for anesthesia. During such treatment you can not drink alcohol and eat spicy food. At this stage, prostatitis can be cured at home in 10 days. But this is only if you have undergone a preliminary medical examination and the doctor has selected the most effective drug for your case.

With a chronic form of the disease without complicationstreatment is also carried out at home, but more time-consuming. In addition to home treatment measures, reflexology and prostate massage are performed. For this stage of the disease, a complete exclusion of acute food and alcohol is recommended.

Treatment of prostatitis in the home using traditional medicine:

-Shock of asparagus. You can drink asparagus juice as much as you can drink with pleasure, without coercion. As a rule, to get good results, it is recommended to drink at least 600 ml per day.

-Treatment with urine. At the initial stage of the disease, when the prostateprevents the outflow of urine, squeezing the ureter, it is recommended to take in the morning on an empty stomach 250 ml of your own urine. Breakfast should be less abundant. Such treatment lasts about a month.

-Treatment with propolis. With chronic disease, treatment of prostatitis inhome conditions can be carried out with propolis extract. To prepare the extract, evaporate in 200 ml of alcohol 40 grams of propolis. Then 2 grams of cocoa butter and 0.1 grams of propolis extract are taken and candles are prepared from this mixture. They need to be injected into the rectum in the evening once a day. The course of treatment should be carried out for 30 days 2-3 times with interruptions from one to two months.

-Game's goose grass. From this herb is prepared a decoction on milk and it, due to its good diuretic qualities is an effective remedy for prostatitis.

-Petrush - seeds. According to the first variant, parsley seedspreviously pulverized. Then take four teaspoons of the obtained powder, pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes. The solution should be filtered and taken 4-6 times a day for one tablespoon. In the second option, one teaspoon of seeds is insisted in a glass of cold water for eight hours. The solution should be drunk four times a day for a quarter of a glass. It is good for inflammation of the prostate.

- Treatment of starvation. It is recommended for prostatitis and obesity. But such treatment of prostatitis at home brings only temporary relief, if you do not completely change your lifestyle. Short fasting is not enough to reduce the size of the inflamed prostate.

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