What is the branch pipe, what is its purpose?

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There are subjects in our life with which wewe encounter, if not every day, at least, quite often. Nevertheless, we do not always know how they are called. One of such items is a branch pipe. In our homes, we will find it at least in the bathroom, in the kitchen and in the toilet.

What is a branch pipe

This is a short piece of pipe that connects any structure to a reservoir or pipeline. In this way, liquid, steam, sewage and gas are removed.

what is a branch pipe

Depending on the type of connection, the nozzles are divided into compensating, flanged, threaded or bell-shaped. But the transitional have one important feature.

What is a branch pipe? This is the one whose both ends have different shapes and sizes. But regardless of the type, all branches are joined by welding, riveting, rolling or screwing.

What are they made of? Everything depends on the area of ​​further application. Thus, measuring devices or pipe fittings are usually equipped with cast iron or galvanized nozzles. For the installation and repair of household plumbing, most often use polypropylene nipples.

Why it is needed

Now, knowing what a branch pipe is, let's considermore specifically its purpose. Here, just as in the case of the fabrication material, the field of application of a particular model is of decisive importance.

For example, sewer pipes made of cast iron are used for the purpose of removing faecal and household drains d industrial and residential buildings.

The purpose of the nozzle in washing machines and dishwashers is the connection of gutters, the distribution of water intake and its drainage.

nozzle assignment

Compensation pipes made of polypropylene - one of the most popular today - are used for installation and repair of sanitary ware, internal sewage systems and building pipelines.

Application area

Nipples are extremely in demand, thereforeTo list all spheres of their application is not easy. Plumbing of residential and industrial buildings, oil and gas pipelines, urban sewerage, ventilation systems, water supply, household appliances, measuring devices - this is an incomplete list of areas where different types of nozzles are used.

Separately worth mentioning cars. Even the novice driver knows the importance of uninterrupted oil supply, cooling and brake fluids. For all this, it is just the numerous nozzles that answer. What is an automotive branch pipe? It is a flexible thick hose, through which fluid is transferred from one unit to another.

Indeed, modern life is difficult to imagine without nozzles, so wide is their field of application.

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