Valve reverse wafer: what is worth knowing?

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The reverse flapper valve is aThe type of device that is connected to the pipeline by means of an interflange or flange connection. The nominal diameter passage for it can vary between 15-400 millimeters.

Back flapper valve
The non-return valve can be rotary orlifting. The swivel can be unstressed or simple, and the lifting can be horizontal or vertical (depending on the type of pipeline for which it is used). In addition, single-seat and multi-seat valves are selected.

The reverse wafer valve is intended forprevention of reverse flows of the internal environment in the pipe, as well as hydraulic hammers. It does not represent a stop valve. On the structural device, it can be pivoting, lifting, ball or spring. Wafer type check valve is usually characterized by the feature of penetration of the working medium in only one direction, and for its fastening a flange connection is used. The flange is the connecting part of the pipeline, which is a frame or a disk equipped with bolt holes. The flange is used to connect pipelines with valves, in addition, it can be part of a closure, fitting or pipe. The return flap valve is intended for installation on pipelines located horizontally, which prevents the formation of backflows in the internal environment. The armature of this type is a regulating mechanism. This species may well become a substitute for various valves, ball valves, as well as locking cranes.

Check Valve Wafer Type
The reverse wafer valve is intended forinstallation on technical pipelines, where it automatically protects and blocks the appearance of a reverse flow. It is advisable to use it for a variety of liquids, steam and gas. By design, such valves ensure proper level of tightness, excluding the appearance of hydraulic shocks. The installation of this type of valve is possible in a vertical or horizontal position. During installation, it is clamped between two flanges. The medium flow is directed to the valve disk marked with an arrow.

Wafer Type Check Valve
Professional non-return flap valveis applicable to ensure reliable sealing of pipelines from the formation of an undesirable flow in the reverse direction, which is usually formed from the medium used for various reasons. The thermal shut-off valve can be used in a variety of heating systems, as well as in modern chemical, household, food and other industries. Such a valve is able to work in different working environments: chemical mixtures, air, water in hot or cold supply systems, sea water, drinking, mineral oils, petroleum products and gas, as well as in other types of media.

This type of valve can be made froma wide range of materials, among which the most popular are usually distinguished: cast iron, brass, steel, copper. This allows it to be used as a connecting part of pipelines at different pressures and temperatures, while its functioning remains at a sufficiently reliable level, regardless of the working medium.