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foundation under the column
There are many options for structural schemes for buildings; depending on the design purpose, different load-bearing elements are used - walls, columns or both.

Frame construction scheme

In the case of a skeleton building as carrierselements are used only columns, and the walls are exclusively dividing and enclosing structures. They can be either prefabricated (panel) or monolithic, but in any case no load will be transferred to them, except for their own weight. But the columns should be chosen well to withstand not only their own weight, but the weight of all the elements above, as well as snow, wind, dynamic and short-term loads. As a rule, such a constructive scheme is used in industrial buildings where bridges and overhead cranes are often used, equipment that creates significant dynamic loads, so the foundation for the column should be calculated with special attention and thoroughness.

Which foundation to choose

There are many options for the foundation, howeverIn the case of a wireframe, the tape can be discarded at once. Therefore, you need to choose which foundation under the column will be optimal for your building: columnar, pile or slab.

monolithic foundations for columns
The choice depends on the type of your building, itsgeometric parameters, purpose, type of soil on the construction site, as well as the presence or absence of groundwater. Having evaluated all the factors, you can proceed to the choice of the foundation and its calculations.

Column and pile foundations

The pillar foundation under the column iseconomical solution: there is no unnecessary material costs, and the strength of the structure is provided in full. However, this option is good if the soil has a high load-carrying capacity, otherwise the columnar foundation will not be enough. In addition, pillar foundations for columns - this is a convenient option for a small-sized building, a small house, a cottage with a frame construction scheme, but if it is a large industrial building, it is worth giving a more reliable and stable base. For these purposes, the pile foundation is suitable: in addition to being installed on strong rocks, it is less susceptible to shear or roll, so it can be loaded much more than other types of foundations. By the way, it is the pile foundation used in the construction of high-rise buildings.

pillar foundations for columns
Plate foundation

When on the agenda is the erection of a smallstructures with a wireframe scheme, and soils are classified as reliable, monolithic foundations for columns can be used. In this case, the load transferred from the columns to the base will be distributed evenly over the entire plate. The advantage of the slab foundation is that it eliminates the possibility of the sinking of one or several columns, which is fraught with a skew of the whole building. If, for whatever reason, a slab base is chosen, but the reliability of the soils is questioned, the foundation under the column can be reinforced with piles installed under the slab.

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