Float valve: features of use and choice

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The float valve is a small device,which is used not only in the toilet bowls, but also in other containers. For example, it can be used to irrigate a site. In this case, the device is inserted into the water tank, which will be installed on the street. A feature of this design is that the water in the tank will be heated by the sun's rays and will become more useful for plants. Thanks to the valve in the tank, the required water level is maintained.

Float valve
It should be noted that this device canused in different conditions: in closed and open containers, pipelines. With regard to the correct choice of apparatus, then there should be guided by certain criteria. First of all, determine the size of your container. The float valve of electric type can be used in small tanks, from where the water intake will be frequent. In this case, the topping up of the liquid will be optimal. The design of the device does not pass moisture, as it has a high-quality and very tight assembly. Therefore, its dignity is a long period of work.

float valve for water
The float valve for water can alsoIt is also used to protect the pumping station from work on a "dry run". Especially useful is such a function in the event that the suburban area is poorly supplied with water or a weak head is observed in the pipeline. Naturally, such an electrical device will not work without power supply. Although this drawback should not be considered significant.

An excellent option is to installmechanical device. Its main advantage is independence from electricity. This structure is made mainly of plastic. However, for its efficient operation it is necessary to use such tanks in which there is an air adjustable float. However, the water pressure in this case should not be very high.

The mechanical float valve has enoughA simple design that allows you to mount it yourself. And the simultaneous installation of two types of devices will ensure that there is no capacity overflow.

Very often a float valve of mechanical typeis installed in the downcomers of the toilet bowls. If it has already worn out, then it must be replaced, in order to prevent the leakage of liquid. However, you should determine the water pressure that exists in your system. If it is too large, the valve will not stop leaking. In the case of reduced pressure in the system, the incorrectly selected device will lead to a too slow set of water.

Float valve for toilet bowl

Replace the float valve for the toilet bowl verysimply: it is necessary to shut off the supply of liquid, pull it out of the container, unscrew the nut that connects the shank of the represented element to the pipe. Now you can remove the device by removing the handle and unscrewing the fasteners. Then you can make a replacement and fix everything properly.

That's all the features of choosing and replacing the float valve. Good luck!