Deviant behavior of adolescents

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Deviant behavior of adolescents isbehavioral disorders associated with acts or series of acts that do not meet the generally accepted norms of behavior in society or offenses. The reasons for deviant behavior are usually socially disadvantaged families, single-parent families, inappropriate education or lack of attention. In fact, there are much more reasons, scientists came to the conclusion that the cause of deviant behavior may be a genetic predisposition. This is largely proved by the development of deviant behavior in children taken to safe families for adoption. Moreover, even if the child was taken to the family at an early age, and he did not know his biological parents, the manifestations of social offenses and inadequate behavior (vagrancy, theft, early alcoholization, etc.) take place. All this testifies to the fact that the mother's way of life during pregnancy affects the child's mental development in the future.

Deviant behavior of adolescents can manifest themselvesin different ways and at different ages. Usually the first manifestations begin with the transition to adolescence (11-12 years), but it is possible and earlier manifestations.

Deviant behavior of adolescentssuch deviations as theft, vagrancy, rudeness, alcoholism and drug addiction, substance abuse, petty hooliganism, aggressiveness or, conversely, isolation, depression, self-abasement, etc.

All these manifestations are divided into several largegroups. The first group is socially aggressive deviations, which include actions directed against the person (rudeness, obscene behavior, abuse, fights, insults, rape, etc.). Often adolescents with this type of behavioral deviation gather in groups "on interests", they skip lessons, are often alcoholized, and under the influence of alcohol commit illegal immoral actions, condemned by society.

Another group opposite the previous one,socially-passive type. Deviant behavior of adolescents of this group consists in the rejection of an active social role in society, self-containedness, passivity in learning and work. Often these guys have addiction to drug addiction and substance abuse, because by these methods they want to get into a world of illusions, where one does not have to work and strain. Most of the time these teenagers are in a depressed state and have a greater predisposition to self-abasement and suicide. In a short period of time, dependence on drugs leads to personal degradation, theft (take out everything that houses valuable houses), prostitution.

These deviations are the result ofunfavorable psychosocial situation in the family and the environment of the child, disruption of socialization processes, which leads to child-teen disadaptation, manifested deviant behavior.

Prevention of deviant behavior of adolescentsis to form a healthy attitude to yourself, the surrounding, healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to pay great attention to adolescents during this period of time, to communicate with them, to discuss their problems and to try to solve them together. The necessary preventive measure is as early as possible the withdrawal of a child from asocial families (alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless people, etc.).

Correction of deviant behavior of adolescents shouldis conducted by both parents and professional psychologists. Correction can be individual or group. In working with difficult adolescents, many methods are used: the method of destroying the negative type of character, the method of restructuring the motivational sphere and self-awareness, the method of stimulating positive behavior, etc.