Why not celebrate 40 years, many men and women?

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Surely many would like to know why notcelebrate 40 years. After all, I noticed more than once that most people regard this kind of jubilee as very negative. What is the reason?

Why not celebrate 40 years

It has been a long time since that it was precisely the fortieth anniversarymany men have sores that they have earned over all previous years of their carefree life and easy attitude to personal health. Therefore, by this age, most of them are experiencing a personality crisis, since the question is raised whether they have succeeded in achieving something on the career ladder, whether their own good family has been found, whether there is a home, whether sexual functions are okay, which can also gradually to crash at that age. That is, it is this age that many people perceive as a kind of vital equator, summing up certain results, a period of building plans for the future and realistic assessment of the lived half of life.

As for church customs, the fortieth anniversaryMen can still celebrate, but do not do it at home. For example, too superstitious people can go to a restaurant or organize a trip to nature. This type of rest is still much more useful and interesting than a domestic meal. So in fact?

40years do not celebrate

Avoid the negative impact of disease onhealth can only be the right way of life. It is necessary to limit the intake of alcohol as much as possible, to try to give up smoking, to force oneself to exercise in order to benefit their own health and body. Also important is regular sex. If a man has a family by the age of forty, this factor starts to be ignored by many, and this is wrong.

Do ordinary people celebrate 40 years? Everyone decides for himself. And explanations for why they do not celebrate 40 years, you can give a lot. For example, the Japanese are confident that number four is the number of dark forces. Slavic peoples believe that the soul of man on the fortieth day after death leaves this earthly world. These superstitions are considered the most common of those that give an explanation of why 40 years are not celebrated. Of course, there are a number of other reasons that relate to pagan times and the development of the nationalities of the Christian period. Only this information from the unenlightened past can not fully satisfy the interest of modern man in this superstition.

A survey was conducted by sociologists in Russia on the theme: "Why not celebrate 40 years." AT

Celebrate 40 years
sociological survey was attended by women and menof all ages. The survey revealed an interesting picture. Eighty-seven percent of interviewers, whose age was up to thirty years, consider superstition a relic of the past and in the future plan to celebrate their fortieth anniversary on a grand scale. And respondents over the age of thirty-five-twenty-three percent-still hold the view that it's impossible to celebrate 40 years. They associate their response with religion and personal health. Men do not answer the question of why they do not celebrate 40 years. In fact, they are afraid to celebrate this date because of fear of dying, and women see this celebration as a trait when old age approaches.

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