Delinquent behavior is a deviation from norms

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In the 80 years of the last century in the legislativethe US system has a new term - "delinquent behavior." This means a deviation from the accepted behavioral norms in society (from Latin "delinquo" - "deviation"). However, such a mean definition does not reflect all the nuances of this complex concept. In criminology, it is customary to interpret it, rather, as a "tendency towards an offense" than an accomplished action.

delinquent behavior is

What is most often meant by the term"Delinquent behavior"? This is the designation of unlawful acts of people of adolescence, who do not yet fall into the category of criminal and criminally punishable offenses. But this is not deviant behavior, which is often considered an insignificant deviation from the social and moral norms adopted in this or that society. However, the boundary between these two concepts is more than shaky, which often allows analysts to take one after another.

What offenses can characterizedelinquent behavior of minors? Within the concept itself, deviations from norms can be subdivided into several layers, depending on the seriousness of the misconduct.

prevention of teen delinquent behavior
So, delinquent behavior is truancy inschool, and disrespectful attitude towards peers and teachers, and communication with antisocial groups of the same adolescents who deviate from the norms of public morality.
Can belong to this category and moretangible and dangerous misconduct: extortion, petty thefts, fights, escapes from the house, the use of alcohol and drugs. All these acts, committed by adults, are criminal and involve criminal responsibility. The goal of separating delinquent behavior from criminogenic is exclusively concern for minors, an attempt to protect them from the underworld and not to record them ahead of time as a real criminals. That is why the punishment for acts committed by adolescents - except for serious ones - qualify as administrative offenses.

What factors provoke young people todelinquent behavior? This is a fundamental question, the answer to which may lie in the psychological atmosphere in the teenager's family. Thus, inattention of parents to his problems and desires, or, on the contrary, excessive care, cruelty and misunderstanding, or permissiveness and indulgence to all his desires, constant quarrels between father and mother and, of course, the addiction of one parent to alcohol or drugs .

delinquent behavior of minors
These circumstances are superimposed on the complexthe period of growing up, causing a kind of protest, which determines most of the manifestations of delinquency. By the way, many psychologists tend to regard the deviant behavior of adolescents as a normal phenomenon, a reaction to social changes in society.

What should be the prevention of delinquentbehavior of adolescents, and is it possible at all? A very difficult question, the answer to which will be purely rhetorical: pay more attention to the education of minors, in every possible way create a healthy psychological environment around them. Yes, these are sentences, but there is no other way. Deviant behavior is often the moment when a young person creates his "I". And there is only one way out: do not interfere, but try to help him find himself and his way.

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