Striped cat. Peculiarities of color

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Cats are those pets thatalready for many centuries live next to a man. Today, there are a huge number of different breeds and colors, among which the most common is a tabby cat.

Striped cats

Not everyone knows that the tabby cat is notis a particular breed. This coat color is called a tabby and is characteristic of very many representatives of the cat family. This drawing contains some obligatory elements that are available for all striped cats, but there are no two very similar combinations of these intricate strips, spots and lines in nature.

striped cat
One of the mandatory differences between these catsis a mark on the forehead, similar to the letter M. A tabby cat is found among many feline breeds. The color of tabby went to modern cats from their wild ancestors, for which it served as a disguise, making the predator invisible in the grass and among the foliage in the process of hunting.

Varieties of striped cats

There are only 4 types of such cats that have slight genetic differences.

  • The most common - mackerel cat. Narrow strips on his back gently bend and almost continuous. On the paws and the tail there are dark bars, and through the cheeks to the corners of the eyes there are dark lines.
  • Spotted Tabby Cat. In contrast to mackerel, this type of cats strips are broken and more like spots. Such a pattern is typical for Maine Coon, Ocicat, Egyptian Mau.
  • Starred sample - cats that have wool with distinctive color groups ("salt-and-pepper").

tabby cat breed

  • Classic view - tabby cat, whose breed can beany, but the marking of the body has a circulating pattern on the sides of the animal from dark brown, black, and sometimes gray spots. On the spine stretch 3 thin strips, the central one of which has the darkest color.

Features of striped cats

It is believed that animals with tabby color havehigher resistance to disease and excellent health. This is their huge advantage over selected brethren. Studies have shown that the gene responsible for striped staining is directly related to immunity. It is not accidental that among the cats the majority of representatives of striped breeds.

The nature of such cats also has its own characteristics. The main feature of these cats is balance, lack of whims. They are very free to navigate in unfamiliar terrain. By nature, the tabby cat is a born hunter. Therefore, in dexterity, strength and activity with it is difficult to compete with other types of cats. These animals are usually very independent and independent. They are inquisitive, love to rule and are able to defend their own opinion.

At the same time, tabby cats are pet-friendly to their home and owner. They are happy to sit on their hands, affectionate and calm, do not expend their energy unnecessarily.

Features red color

Red tabby cat has long been endowed with specialproperties. It is believed that this is a real protector from misfortune and disease. There was a belief that if such a cat would be next to the patient, he would rather get better. Many believe that the red color symbolizes joy, fun and even wealth.

ginger tabby cat

Red cats are more impudent and cunning, often attract attention. Such pets with a mischievous and playful character will never get bored and will be able to dispel even the worst mood.


In many literary works, folkFairy tales are a frequent character cat. And almost always tabby. The gray tabby cat is the hero of a lullaby of the song, of the tales “Silver hoof”, “Puss in Boots”, “Tales of the Cat Purring”.

There is a legend about the origin of the letter M,located on the forehead of striped cats. When Jesus was born, the striped cat lying next to her warmed him with warmth. She was gratefully patted on the head by the Virgin Mary, which is why the first letter of her name appeared in this place.

Today, tiger-colored cats are very fond of using advertisers in their work, creating an image of a healthy, cheerful animal.

gray tabby cat

Interestingly, the striped color is only inrepresentatives of the cat family. It does not occur anywhere else in the world. Striped cats, according to popular belief, are able to charge with energy, to bring good luck and are considered to be a symbol of the hearth.

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