Why can not you get a haircut? Debunking Myths

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Pregnancy is a very special period ina woman's life, surrounded by numerous superstitions and prejudices, the most common among which is the ban on hair cutting during the entire waiting time of the baby. There is a natural question: why can not pregnant women be sheared? According to folk traditions, the strength of a human being lies in his hair that goes far into the depths of centuries, and if they are lost (shaved), one can bring numerous woes to his head, even to death. Our ancestors did not even ask why it is impossible to cut hair to pregnant women, they were firmly sure that such manipulation would lead to sad consequences for both the future mother and the child. In addition, this ban was associated with the belief that a person can be spoiled by using a string of his hair. A woman expecting a baby was considered the most vulnerable to such a magical influence.

If you ask the hairdressers why pregnantyou can not get a haircut, hardly anyone of them can provide intelligible arguments, except for the same superstitions, but some of them still do not recommend it. Moreover, there are masters who categorically refuse to shear a pregnant woman, fearing that this procedure will negatively affect her and her future baby. Although most progressive hairdressers are negative about this ban, considering it a relic of the past. They say that a woman should remain beautiful always, and the period of pregnancy is not an exception, so if she wants to cut her hair, then you should not even doubt about it.

Doctors who are asked why pregnantyou can not get a haircut, are baffled in disbelief and deny any relationship of haircuts in an interesting situation and problems with bearing or childbirth, as well as the health and strength of the unborn child. Among future moms, there is an opinion that it is not recommended to shorten hair not only for superstitious reasons, but also because after shearing the hair begins to grow faster, which means that it requires an increased intake of calcium, which is often not enough during pregnancy. However, doctors explain that this problem is far-fetched, and the vitamin complex for expectant mothers will make it easy to provide calcium to both the female body and the growing baby.

Orthodox Church on the question of why pregnantcan not get a haircut, responds that this is just a superstition that you should not listen to. Although some church attendants, and especially grandmothers-regulars readily confirm that it is strictly not recommended to cut hair during pregnancy, one should know that there is no such prohibition in any sacred book.

I must say that during pregnancy, hairoften begin to grow faster and become lush and firmer. This is due to the influence of special hormones produced in the body of a woman who is carrying a baby. Therefore, many future mothers simply do not want to cut their hair, looking as luxurious as ever. But if a woman prefers a short haircut or simply does not want to let her hair go, then do not pay attention to prejudice. Pregnancy is a wonderful time, when it's just necessary to be beautiful, because positive emotions from looking in the mirror are useful not only for mom, but for the baby growing in the belly. But if a woman, despite all the arguments given, still continues to think about why it is impossible to trim the pregnant women, to search for new arguments because of the fear that superstitions can be realized, then she should not be sheared. Not because it can adversely affect the development of the child or change something during pregnancy, but just not to worry and not to worry yourself again. And if you manage to overcome doubts and fears, then you can safely go to the hairdresser.

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