When and why do they celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine?

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What is the reason for celebrating such a date as the Dayindependence in Ukraine? The starting point of the sovereign history of this country scientists see in the creation of the Kiev state, which was formed at the end of IX century AD. After a long time, after its decline and the disintegration of huge land areas into appanage principalities, the Cossack-hetman education was founded in the 17th century. It lasted until the end of the XVIII century. In the next two hundred years, the sovereign state in these territories was not. Therefore, the Independence Day of Ukraine refers to later events.

Ukraine's Independence Day

As a result of the tumultuous October 1917 unrestyear on the territory of the so-called Little Russia, there was a certain upsurge in the national movement. This resulted in the creation of the Ukrainian People's Republic (abbreviation - UPR). In the political field of that time, emphasis was placed on freedom of speech and the press, all sorts of faiths, people's assemblies. Strikes were allowed and the death penalty was abolished. Then they began to celebrate the first Independence Day of Ukraine.

After the final rejection of the new governmentfrom the adoption of the ultimatum of the Bolshevik Commissariat, which required the entry of troops into the territory of the new state, in order to prevent the White Guard detachments from entering the Don, an armed conflict began. Losing the battle, the leadership of the UNR was forced to call on the military forces of Germany.

day of independence of ukraine

In February 1918, German and Ukrainian troopsapproached the lands occupied by the Red Army. Within a couple of months the new power was liberated from the red occupation. However, instead, it was in German dependence - another government led to the power of its protege militaristic way. The numerous interventions that followed the coup and the civil war ended almost a year later, in Kiev. There, the Constitution of the state neo-formation, the Ukrainian SSR, was adopted. This created prerequisites for the celebration of such a date as the Independence Day of Ukraine.

In 1920, between the Slavic countries wassigned a specific treaty that establishes military and economic mutually beneficial assistance. He actually led to the dependence of the young state on the Kremlin government. The next chance on the way to political freedom Ukraine received only 70 years after the collapse of the USSR. As a result of the unrest that took place in August 1991, the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR proclaimed its country an independent democratic state. The Independence Act was adopted. It was confirmed by the will of the people during the nationwide referendum that took place on December 1, 1991.

Independence Day in Ukraine

It is this event that is celebrated on the Dayindependence of Ukraine. The date of the holiday falls on August 24. In the document adopted that day it was decided to create all the structures necessary for the life of an independent, separate state, including a bank, an army, and so on. Subsequently, the country's parliament decided to consider the aforementioned August holiday date and celebrate it as the Independence Day of Ukraine.

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