Cold on the lips during pregnancy: causes and treatment

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Cold on the lips during pregnancy issmall, painful, red and itchy inflammation. Most often it lasts for a week and disappears on its own. The first symptoms caused by the herpes simplex virus are inflamed glands, sore throat, fever. Nevertheless, the health of a child's cold on the lips during pregnancy does not cause harm. After a while, there are characteristic eruptions that begin to crack, become covered with a dried up crust. If the cold on the lips begins to deliver pain and discomfort to the expectant mother, then often the question arises, what to treat herpes during pregnancy. This will help therapeutic ointments, but in more serious cases, pills are needed. Thanks to medicinal preparations, the healing process can be accelerated for several days and suppress unpleasant symptoms. Cure the simplex virus of herpes, which provokes inflammation, is impossible. It is constantly present in the human body after infection.

cold on the lips during pregnancy

What is herpes on the lip

The virus that causes inflammation ismost common and most people face it. In thirty to forty percent of cases, infection leads to the regular manifestation of this ailment. After infection, it is in a passive state, the most diverse factors, be it stress or exposure to ultraviolet light, can provoke inflammation. Pregnancy and the corresponding hormonal changes also cause the activity of the virus.

what is herpes on the lip

Cold on the lips during pregnancy: how to prevent

Avoid infection with the simplex herpes viruscan be done by observing some simple rules. To do this, avoid contact with a person who has severe cold symptoms on his lips - the disease is transmitted through liquids, so do not use the same cutlery, crockery and other items. There is no guaranteed method of preventing the onset of colds on the lips during pregnancy, but the risk of occurring can be reduced, avoiding some factors that provoke the activity of the virus. To do this, first of all, you must be careful of drafts in order not to get cold, and use sunscreen. If the cold on the lips during pregnancy still appeared, it is important not to forget to wash hands often and not touch the inflamed area. Due to this, further distribution can be prevented.

than to treat herpes in pregnancy


There are no medications that couldwould prevent the appearance of such inflammations or instantly rid them. To be treated at pregnancy is better by means of medicinal ointments - they are capable to accelerate process of an adhesion, to remove an itch and morbid sensations. It is best to use creams or ointments, which contain an active ingredient called "acyclovir", is an antiviral agent. During pregnancy, the use of tablets containing acyclovir is permitted, but as a rule, medications for external use are also good for this problem.