Herpes on the lips during pregnancy: how to deal with it?

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Herpes on the lips during pregnancy can becomecause of strong fears of women, because during the tremulous expectation of a small miracle, you want to protect yourself from any trouble. Often, the expectant mother is so closely monitoring her health that any illness causes panic fear: will it not harm the health of the child.

Herpes is fairly commondisease, the infection of which can occur in childhood. Typically, this virus manifests itself at a time when any problems occur in the human body. A mild catarrhal disease or severe feelings due to a stressful situation causes the appearance of an unpleasant inflammation. Herpes at pregnant women, as well as at all women, more often appears on labiums or on genitals. Scientists have long studied this virus and came to the conclusion that there are practically no people not infected with it, it's just that many herpes do not manifest themselves throughout life due to the high degree of immune defense.

Since during pregnancy occursa serious hormonal adjustment, then on this background all the existing diseases begin to manifest themselves actively. As a rule, if the virus has manifested itself before, then there is nothing terrible for the future child's health. But, if herpes on the lips appeared for the first time, then you should pay special attention to this, since the normal development of the fetus can be disturbed. The complexity of the treatment of this virus lies in the fact that not every drug corresponds to the current status of a woman, that is, most drugs can harm the health of a future baby or hamper its development.

The appearance of herpes on the lips is accompanied bycertain symptoms. First, the woman is tormented by itching in the corners of her lips and even on the inside of her lips. Then the place of inflammation begins to turn red and slightly swell. Then a vial is formed, which eventually bursts, after which this ulcer dries up and becomes crusted. It can not be damaged, otherwise it will start to bleed.

The most common means in the fight againstinflammation are anti-herpes ointments such as Zovirax. But most often herpes on the lips during pregnancy women are trying to cure folk ways. On the site of inflammation, apply something greasy, for example, ordinary vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. Often the vesicle is treated with alcohol or corvalol and dried with a toothpaste. Some even claim that earwax can cope with the manifestation of the virus. Whichever method of treatment is chosen, one should discuss it with the attending physician and take the final treatment together.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy can even beis useful, because the body is struggling with infection, which means that it produces antibodies that increase resistance to the recurrence of the disease. Thus, even after birth, the child's body is able to overcome the herpes virus.

When it occurs, you must strictly follow theHygienic norms to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the body. First, in no case can not open a vial, this leads to even more inflammation. Secondly, the infected surface should be fenced off from getting water on it. Thirdly, for the period of treatment should completely abandon all cosmetic products, as they only clog the pores and impede healing.

Always remember that herpes on the lipsduring pregnancy, it can spread all over the body if you misuse the place of inflammation. It is dangerous to touch the vial, and then other parts of the body, especially the eyes. Also for the period of treatment it is necessary to refuse oral sex.

It takes a little attention to the problem, and it will pass without harming the baby's health.

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