The most beautiful bride and the most beautiful wedding - the dream of any girl

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For more than one century humanity has been marrying. At the end of time, old traditions changed, new ones appeared. Modern ceremonies remind little of ancient rituals, but everyone tries to have the most beautiful wedding.

the most beautiful wedding
Regardless of the centuries, the mutualthe desire of lovers to formalize their relationship. After that, there should be a festive event, which is called a wedding, at which the guests say the most beautiful congratulations. At the wedding, everyone comes with gifts and flowers.

Few people know that there is a certainthe time interval after the engagement, when you can marry. In ancient times, this interval depended on how quickly the dowry was collected for the wedding so that young people could begin a full-fledged family life. Over time, it became clear that the dowry - not the most necessary for the young, and this was the reason for the disappearance of the custom. The current law provides for a period of one month for the marriage. This is given so that young people understand for themselves the full responsibility of the moment. The most beautiful wedding is not necessarily the happiest family. It's not always rush in such matters can be useful.

To marry, you will need to fulfilltwo obligatory conditions: the consent of both brothers and the achievement of their respective age. With regard to consent, everything is very serious, since on this basis the union of young people can be declared invalid. For marriage, you must reach the age of 18, but for those who wish to have a child at the age of 15 there are certain amendments.

Unusual ceremony

the most beautiful hairstyles for a wedding

The existing stereotype of the wedding: a large number of guests, a bride in a snow-white dress, a decorated newlywed car and so on, has recently undergone some changes. All young people want to have the most beautiful wedding, but it can also be original.

A great opportunity to make an unusual wedding- to wave in another country, and even better organize an exit registration on the islands. This is such a romantic ... The sea, the sandy beach, the sound of the surf ... And the first wedding night in the hotel room on the beach. But all this requires significant financial costs.

No less interesting are visiting ceremonies inthe nearest suburb. It turns out not just the most beautiful wedding, but also the most memorable for the guests. It is possible to organize as a gift and a surprise the fireworks from butterflies. This is sure to surprise everyone.

the most beautiful congratulations for the wedding
A convenient place can be found in almost anycity, whether it's a river or just a park, where you can install an arch for the newlyweds, seats for guests and organize a buffet table. If desired, you can hold a stylized wedding. In any case, guests will make the most beautiful hairstyles for the wedding, and choose the best outfits.

As the host of the evening, you can inviteKVN-shchika, which will bring in the holiday more interesting than just a toastmaster. Think about the musical part of the evening. A traveling wedding ceremony is perfect for live music. Repertoire discuss in advance.

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