How and why eggs are painted on Easter

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Every spring there is a wonderful and brightholiday Easter. On this holiday all mothers and grandmothers, as well as loving wives and their little helpers, paint eggs, cook pies and shanes. But why do eggs color eggs on Easter? Tradition or absurdity, illogical misunderstanding or Orthodox custom? To all these questions one can not give an unambiguous answer, why eggs are painted on Easter, because, how else? We grew up with this tradition, our grandmothers painted eggs, and grandmothers of our grandmothers also eased eggs in onion husks every Easter.

But still, when asked why Easter eggs are painted on Easter, you can give several answers:

- the first position says that it is connected withone of the enemies of Christianity. In the hen house, on the birthday of the future emperor, one hen brought an egg that was covered with red dots. It was this sign that was interpreted as the fact that the newborn will have a beautiful future. From this moment in all of Rome there was a tradition to give an egg, painted in red. Christianity took this custom and adopted it, the painted eggs in the Passover symbolized the blood of Jesus Christ;

- why eggs are painted on Easter, the second answer -because it is related to the legend associated with the rabbis. Among the feasts at the feast were boiled eggs and fried chicken, one of the rabbis remembered that he promised to resurrect the Crucified on the third day. But the owner of the house did not agree with this, saying that rather the eggs will turn purple, and the hen will come to life. It is on this giving and began to color the eggs in different colors, including purple;

- third position answers the question - why Easter eggs painted simple - Hail Mary in order to entertain his son, painted eggs in different colors;

- one of the most common positions -the fourth, tells of another story. The Emperor of Rome always needed to present gifts. Mary Magdalene, when she came to the emperor, handed him an egg as a gift, and she simply could not get another to get out of poverty. The saint came to the court of Tiberius with one purpose - to lead the sermons about the Risen Christ. When the emperor listened to the Holy One, he did not believe her, and Mary with the words "Christ Risen" told him that Christ, like a chicken, rose from the tomb. But Tiberius did not believe it, and when he saw that the egg was bright red before his eyes, he exclaimed "Truly risen." From that day on, people began to paint eggs in color, symbolizing the blood of Christ;

- Painting eggs for Easter is a tradition thatcame from the same Mary Magdalene, but the difference is that. That the woman presented the egg as a gift not to Tiberius, but to the procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate, as the fifth position says. From that day the colored eggs became the symbol of the Easter holiday.

But there is one more giving, many peopleanswer the question - why eggs are painted on Easter, so that colored eggs are nothing but a pagan tradition. The Slavic people and other pagans on the eve of many pagan holidays on chicken eggs wrote prayers to pagan gods, as well as various magical spells. After that, the colored eggs were placed at the feet of idols and dedicated to idols. And so painting eggs is not a Christian tradition at all, but an echo of pagan perception. During the Easter period, the Christian people and even Jesus himself never used such an attribute. Today this direction is used by everyone, but most people are categorically against it. In a word, how many people, so much in the world and general opinions. According to many beliefs, painting eggs is a humiliation of the one who created this holiday.

As a result, we can say that, despite such an opposite opinion about the need to paint eggs, people still believe that this approach is the most correct.

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