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Homemade hamster is extremely clean. His house he divides into zones: a bedroom, adjoining a pantry, a place for living and a toilet. The location of these zones should not be broken: the rodent will not like it if someone rebuilds his burrow. House for a hamster is recommended to clean at least once in 5 days, and if the animal lives in an aquarium, it is cleaned once a week.


Very sensitive animals to move themdwellings. Changes can cause panic fear in the animal and cause serious illness. Most of this has to do with the pantry, because it is very important for them. If cleaning in a cage in

Homemade hamster
Discard all stocks that were stackedhamster in a secluded place, he will experience a real misfortune. With the constant depletion of the pantry, you can bring the animal to despair. The homemade hamster will run nervously around the cage in search of a more secluded place for its stocks. That's why you should not touch and move the storeroom. Remove only those products that are already missing and can damage the hamster if it eats them.

House cleaning

General cleaning in the house of the animal is made every one or two weeks. The frequency will depend on the size of the cell and the number of "tenants" that the content of

House for a hamster
In it, however, the toilet corner is necessaryclean daily, otherwise the specific smell will spread throughout the apartment. In order to start cleaning in a cage, you first need to put the animal in a three-liter jar. After this, you need to pull out the litter and rinse the entire aquarium or the pan with water and salt. If desired, salt can be replaced with sand or soda. In addition, you can use a shampoo specifically designed for rodents, but you do not need to bathe the homemade hamster with it. Use cleaning agents for washing cells, such as powders and soap, is not worth it, because they are capable of causing an animal allergy, and sometimes even poisoning. Also, do not rush out the used litter. Put a small amount of paper and sawdust back into the cage, so a homemade hamster will be able to get comfortable quickly after harvesting. In addition, you should definitely wash the water table once a week and change the water in it, so that it is always fresh.


Homemade hamsters are rather unpretentious in eating. You can give almost everything that is at home from eating. However, do not treat the pet fat, salty, sweet, spicy, fried, boiled

Homemade hamsters
products. Also forbidden foods include citrus and cabbage. In order to feed the pet, a metal feeder is suitable. You need to feed once in the evening or twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. In this case, the food should be fresh and of good quality. In the afternoon the animal should be allowed to sleep, because for their health this is an important factor. It is always worthwhile to observe the health of the pet. If it was noticed that a homemade hamster eats poorly, sleeps more than necessary, itches, sneezes and the like, it should definitely show it to the veterinarian, otherwise the animal may die after a while.

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