When is PR-specialist day?

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When is the day of a PR specialist celebrated in Russia? Now we'll figure it out.

Professional holiday of PR-specialists is celebrated in our country very recently.

Date of celebration of PR-specialist day

The beginning to it has put entering of a trade in the state classifier on July, 28th, 2003.

pr day of specialist

From this moment in our country, specialists in public relations have officially appeared. At the same time the tradition was born to celebrate the day of the PR-specialist on July 28.

What kind of profession?

PR-technologies are popular all over the world. The common name of the profession is due to the origin of the translation of the English abbreviation, which briefly denotes public relations.

No major company can do without workspecialists in this field. From the professionalism of employees depends the reputation and popularity of the company among potential customers. The concept of events for the promotion of various projects and developments to create an image of firms and individuals constitute the main goal of public relations specialists. Even elections to public authorities do not do without their participation. Correctly submit the candidate to the electorate, make up the necessary list of meetings and speeches, choose a line of conduct - the work of a PR manager.

day pr specialist in Russia

If we consider world history, thenrepresentatives of this profession can be found even in the ancient world. Did the priests of the Greek gods not fulfill the functions of public relations managers? They formed the image and presented the population with the image of their idols. Signs of PR can be found in any country throughout the course of human history. His main instrument is the art of eloquence, capable of conveying the idea to the masses and directing the actions in the right direction.

The first real departments for communications withthe public appeared in America at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Harvard University is considered the progenitor of this profession. 1912 was marked by the creation of the first official public relations bureau. And in the 30s of the last century, the Democratic Party of America created a workplace called "Public Relations Officer". Since that time, PR management is considered to be a separate line of work for any company and organization. A new word arose, meaning the profession of the employee: "reeliter."

Without PR managers can not do!

The development of PR technologies is being intensively pursued inthe modern world. Against the backdrop of strong competition in any area of ​​production, trade and social policy, the demand for specialists of this profession remains high and grows every year. We can assume that the work of PR managers is to advertise a social or commercial object and form a certain opinion among the population. But, unlike advertising, PR acts subtly and correctly. A high-level specialist is able to convince huge masses of potential customers in the need to use the services of this particular company.

July 28 pr day specialist

Therefore, large firms andrather large staff of public relations employees. A new direction gave birth to the birth of specialized firms in the provision of PR developments. Some universities have established training units in this field. To the entrant who decided to dedicate himself to this profession, one must be prepared for difficult and interesting work. A huge amount of knowledge from different areas of life and incredible performance will be required for a person who wants to achieve a high position in the career hierarchy.


It is interesting that only in our country is notedday of PR-specialist. Traditionally, events are held with the benefit for companies and the promotion of their services. Various meetings and conferences contribute to the establishment of new ties. Employees share their experience and their own developments in the field of PR technologies. Official events are held in each major city at the regional level.

July 28 pr day of a specialist in Russia

In Moscow, the day of the PR-specialist is dedicatedmeasures of an all-Russian scale. The theme of the celebrations is changing every year. We invite distinguished guests and professionals who are able to show their goals and objectives, which they should strive for, raising their level. The awarding and honoring of highly deserved representatives of public relations management is held.

What about the celebration of the day of a PR specialist knowsa small part of the country's population, does not reduce the importance of this profession in our lives. Employees of this specialty contribute daily to improving the quality of life of each person.


Now you know that the day is celebrated on July 28PR-specialist in Russia. As you could see, the holiday appeared relatively recently, but I already fell in love with many. Especially for those who are engaged in PR. These people with great pleasure celebrate the day of PR-specialist.

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