How to celebrate the New Year in Australia. Customs and traditions observed by local residents during the New Year holidays

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Who does not like to celebrate such a bright holiday asNew Year! Residents of the Earth are preparing for this celebration long. Perhaps, this is the only event that is widely celebrated, observing all traditions and customs. It is interesting to know how the New Year is celebrated in Australia, where January 1 falls on the hottest period?

how to celebrate New Year in Australia

Australian Santa Claus

We Europeans, accustomed to severe winters, do notimagine the New Year without snow. And in Australia this is common. This holiday they meet before other countries. In the midst of a hot season, locals come to the beach to celebrate the New Year. In Australia, traditions are similar to ours. Residents also congratulate Santa Claus, only he appears extravagantly - rushing before the meeting in a bathing suit and on a personal brightly decorated surfboard! She replaces him with New Year sledges and reindeer. You can learn it by having a traditional Santa hat with a pompon and a white beard.

New Year in Australia Tradition

This performance takes place on the popular beach of Bondi Beach. Here's how they celebrate the New Year in Australia.

New Year's events

All the entertainment, held in Australia at the New Year's Eve, unfolds under the starry sky.

Melbourne calls the townspeople free partieswith dances on the Yarra River and on the Federation Square. More than half a million people come to a concert of live music, held in Brisbane. The music festival is also held in the states of Tasmania and Victoria, where a large number of young people gather.

New Year in Australia customs

The most grandiose sight is a salute in Sydney! In addition to numerous fireworks in all parts of the city, as well as on docks and parks, the most chic New Year's show is held from the Harbor Bridge. The light representation is executed in accordance with the selected topic. Each year the stories are different and vivid. The first colorful fireworks are dispatched at 21:00. It can be seen by families with children and those who want to go home early. Then the whole bay of Sydney lights up. So begins the spectacular show "Parade of Lights". They are lit by all vessels in the bay - sailboats, ferries, ships. Salutes of salute to the main midnight start several more times. And the most impressive view of this spectacle opens from the Sydney Tower Sydney Tower. So, as the New Year is celebrated in Australia, it is not destined to be held in the northern countries.

Holiday tree

The inhabitants of the mainland under the sun, as well as on theother continents, with trembling waiting for the New Year in Australia. The customs of local townsfolk differ little from other states. Here, too, prepare for the celebration in advance. Decorate the streets with bright garlands, decorate artificial Christmas trees and acquire the classic caps Santa.

how to celebrate the new year in Australia

In connection with the lack of growing trees in Australiagreen trees are brought in advance from northern countries, as on this continent the Christmas tree is a traditional symbol of the New Year. In the Australian houses also install and decorate artificial trees. Some residents replace fir with a local exotic plant called "metrosideros". It is an evergreen naturalized culture with large scarlet flowers. The tree is decorated with figures of local animals dressed in Santa Claus costumes.

When the clock strikes 12

Since they celebrate New Year in Australia under theopen air, and all walks are held on the street, the event is accompanied by very loud noise. During the battle of the chimes, the salvos of numerous salutes and fireworks, the emotional cries of the Australians join them. The new year is called a thunder of drums, whistles, pipes, horns of horns, explosions of crackers and congratulations. After that, residents go home. And the next day the holiday will continue on the beach, where picnics will be arranged, barbecue will be lit, and surfers will dissect the coastal expanses of the ocean.

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