Funny and cute jungariki. How many live these hamsters?

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Want to get a little cute homepets and are already looking with interest at the amusing rodents? Then we bring to your attention the Dzhungar hamsters. It is these lovely creatures in the common people called "jungariki". How much they live, how to feed them, how to care for these crumbs, you can learn in detail from our material, which we kindly bring to the attention of all lovers of miniature pets.

jungariki how many live
First of all it is necessary to pay attention to theirappearance and structure of the body. These are very small rodents, as a rule, their body length is no more than 10 centimeters, and weight - about 44 (less than 45) grams. What does this mean? This tells us that the smaller the animal, the more rapid the internal metabolic processes in its body, and, accordingly, such animals die faster. Therefore, when asked about how many years the jungariki live, specialists confidently answer: "On average, 2 or 3 years." For someone, this life expectancy of hamsters will seem too short. Especially those who have small children. However, this is a fact that you need to be prepared for when choosing your own pets such rodents as jungariki. How many live these cuties, so much and please their owners - that's probably the most important moment for those who keep the Djungar hamsters. And the children's question about where the loved hamster disappeared so quickly disappeared, can be solved in a very convenient way: in advance buy the same and put it in the cage. And it is even better to gently explain to the child that the hamster has died, because such animals for a long time do not live and together with the child they bury their beloved pet. This widens the horizon of children, and at the same time further strengthens relations with parents.

How many djungariki hamsters live in
Many experienced specialists are very selective andpicky in studying the life of such domestic animals as the jungariki hamsters. How many live rodents of this breed and how to properly care for them? It was scientists who discovered an interesting fact that with proper care and good health, hamsters can live about 5 years and die from old age, not from disease. Therefore, all those who keep these dwarfish rodents are advised to take seriously their nutrition, the presence of water, vitamins, grass, etc. You need to follow all the tips that you get in the pet store when buying a small animal. For example, very important advice: never bathe a hamster, because it is contraindicated. It is best to comb it gently with a damp toothbrush. Do not dry it with a hairdryer or a towel, even if thin, the animal will dry itself. Many questions arise from those who start such hamsters as jungariks. How much do they live in a cool room or without giving them maximum traffic? Specialists say that the jungariki love heat and maximum movement. Therefore, it is for such tiny pets that they buy cells with a specially selected wheel, where a hamster can run as long as it needs.

how old live the jungariki
If you are worried about your rodents suchrocks like jungariki (how many they live and how to know the approach of their death), then we give you some simple recommendations from this area. Be sure to observe the behavior of pets for a while. Those of them who are already old or sick, will already move less energetically despite all the conditions created for this. They will also stop eating normally, they will sleep more, their eyes will begin to gradually fade. These are the first signs that a hamster can die very soon. With such signs it is better to either contact the veterinarian right away, or prepare to buy another hamster.

Listen to all the comments of specialists and veterinarians, follow their recommendations, and your hamster will be cheerful, joyful and will live as long as possible in a family that loves it!

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