Hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy: what to do

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For most women, the cherished nine monthsbearing the baby are the brightest in life. After all, a woman during pregnancy can afford literally everything: any whims should be carried out without delay. And the future mother is busy only with her own health and the state of the baby. Unfortunately, it's not always so cloudless. After conception, the woman's organism begins to be reconstructed, so to speak, creates the ground for further development of the fetus. A change in the hormonal background contributes to the fact that many diseases that were not previously manifested began to develop actively.

To this kind of forgotten ailments can be attributedhematoma in the uterus or, as doctors call it, a retrochoric hematoma. It can cause interruption of pregnancy. It is formed as a result of the detachment of the fruit egg from the chorion, and in the place of tearing or detachment blood accumulates, which then thickens and turns into a small clot. Currently, the hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy is found to be practical in all women.

So far, scientists can not unequivocally answerthe question: why is hematoma formed during pregnancy? The causes of this not very pleasant complication can be different: both external and internal. That is, a woman can be influenced by external factors such as a polluted environment, strong noise, excessive stress and fatigue. Also, the hematoma during pregnancy can be formed due to abnormal development of the uterus or hormonal failure in the body. For example, if a woman suffers from severe toxicosis, the vessels of the uterus or the placenta may be damaged due to pressure.

And the formation of a hematoma can occur onany term of pregnancy. Often such complications overpower a woman already at the earliest possible time, so doctors can offer to interrupt pregnancy in order to protect the future mother from undesirable consequences. Hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy can occur after any infectious or autoimmune disease, so young mothers need to pay special attention to their health.

As noted above, if there is a hematomaDetect quickly enough, already in the first trimester. Since pregnant women periodically undergo ultrasound, the specialist easily and quickly finds a damaged cavity. Since the hematoma has the property to increase with time, the attending physician tries to take all possible measures to stop its development. To this end, as a rule, expectant mothers are placed in the maternity ward for preservation, since there they are constantly under the supervision of doctors and in case of unforeseen circumstances they can receive timely assistance. Young mothers should not be afraid of inpatient stay in the clinic, because it only works for the benefit of the baby, and in many situations saves his life.

Hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy canto resolve. To do this, a specialist prescribes drugs that improve blood coagulability, but at the same time do not harm the fetus. The most common drugs used for this purpose are dicion and vicasol. Good properties are herbal preparation nohpa: it relaxes the muscles of the uterus. Often used such a tool as askorutin, since it blocks bleeding.

Hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy is accompanied bya certain symptomatology. The most common signs are brown discharge and pain in the lower abdomen. If the hematoma is rapidly developing, these symptoms manifest themselves with greater force and are accompanied by low pressure. But in the treatment of this ailment, the discharge of the brown shade is a good sign, since it indicates a decrease in the size of the hematoma.

In the early stages of pregnancy, you can identifyhematoma of small size, which, moreover, is not accompanied by any symptoms. In this case, a specialist may decide not to touch the damaged cavity, but simply to observe. If the education does not increase over time, the woman can give birth alone without any threat to the health of the baby.