Main objectives of business activity

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business objectives
Entrepreneurial activity istimely organization, and the combination of certain factors of production, such as capital, land, labor and entrepreneurial abilities, to create products or services (intended for sale) that necessarily satisfy public needs in order to maximize material benefits.

For the favorable development of entrepreneurship inmodern Russia is of great importance to the idea that not every new business is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is always associated with the highly effective use of all components of production in order to increase economic growth and, undoubtedly, meet the needs of society or a particular person with the attainment of the goal.

The main goal of entrepreneurial activity in Russia is the production and delivery of services, goods or work to specific consumers. And, of course, getting paid for it.

purpose of business is
The objectives of entrepreneurial activity are disclosedthe essence of entrepreneurship. They consist in stimulating a wide public demand for certain needs and their satisfaction. Also, the goal of entrepreneurial activity is to maximize all opportunities that can meet the needs of the entrepreneur in conditions of uncertainty when the internal environment is influenced and the external environment is threatened. This implies getting the maximum effect from limited resources. The objectives of entrepreneurial activity are to achieve the enterprise a certain status and its consolidation in the market of goods and services. The person carrying out the activity can play one or several roles: the manufacturer, the supplier, the dealer, the intermediary, the seller, etc.

Long-term goals of businessactivities are achieved over a long period of time. They are always aimed at increasing and maintaining profitability, and should also be supported by the provision of resources with long-term needs, such as the acquisition of equipment, research and development (R & D), training of personnel or the creation of new production facilities.

main objective of business activity
After the objectives of the businessactivities have been set, it must be decided how best to achieve their implementation. For this, it is necessary to develop a plan for further action. Namely: to think over the sequence of steps to achieve each specific goal, to distribute and consolidate the responsibility for the implementation of each concrete step for one or another key figure. It is also necessary to determine the target dates for the implementation of each action.

The action plan is needed to achieve the intended goals. Without such a plan, the set goals lose their meaning, since there are no measures to implement them.

Currently, most of the country's populationfully or partially live off income from small business. Increasing tension in the labor market of small business is one of the main sources of creating new jobs, therefore, entrepreneurship should be given special attention both by entrepreneurs and by the state.

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