Organizational administrative methods of management

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In the tasks of an ad hoc organizationalactivities include coordination with the actions of subordinates. Because no economic mechanisms and methods can function properly without administrative management. As organizational administrative methods of management allow to ensure discipline and coherence of working processes in the collective of the enterprise (organization). And most importantly for the manager to correctly choose the balance of economic and organizational-administrative methods for the effective management of all processes in the enterprise.

Administrative methods of management considerthe support of law and authority of the head. And here the main thing is to distinguish some features and differences between administrative methods of management and such subjective and volitional methods of leadership. This activity is called administration and is included as part of the overall management.

Also administrative methods of management and theirmechanisms differ from economic methods therefore it is absolutely wrong to believe that using the exclusion principle, administrative methods of management will expand economic.

On the impact of administrative methods of managementhave a direct impact and influence on the object of management through orders and orders. They can be given either verbally or in writing. In addition, administrative methods of personnel management include such components as control over the implementation of orders and orders, a system for maintaining labor discipline with the use of administrative means, and much more. All of the above components make it possible to organize a disciplined and clear labor system. They are backed up by normative acts and documents, both at the enterprise itself and at the state level within the framework of economic legislation.

There are three main forms of widely used administrative methods:

- mandatory for execution (expressed in the publication of orders and prohibitions);

- conciliation (it is advice and permission);

- Wishes and recommendations (professional advice, explanatory work, proposals).

All administrative methods of management, however,they have one thing in common: they are direct orders and tasks issued by higher authorities, and they are directed at the process of optimizing production processes on the basis of and following all laws and regulations, as well as management orders. ore discipline with the use of administrative tools and much more. as control over the execution of orders and prik

Organizational administrative methods of managementmore specific and slightly different from other forms and methods of management. They differ in the clarity and targeting of the directives, presuppose the mandatory implementation of all orders, in case of their failure to perform such actions are considered violations of the performance discipline, which can subsequently lead to various penalties. That is, in fact organizational administrative methods of management are forms of coercion, and remain valid until the process of labor turns into a vital necessity for man.

Although from the scientific point of view, all forms and methodsmanagement are primarily aimed at promoting progressive working methods, and should not cause negative perceptions and undesirable emotions among the personnel of the enterprise.

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