Positioning of goods on the market

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When an enterprise has decided on the targetsegment for work, it is necessary to determine what positioning of the goods on the market it chooses to obtain a competitive advantage. But before that you need to thoroughly study the properties of competitors' products, their image, and based on this, assess their position in the market. Positioning of goods on the market is a logical continuation of the selected target segment, the optimal position of the goods to maximize its approach to the consumer. Marketers also use the concept of "positioning".

If segmentation determines characteristics,which should own the product in terms of preferences and desires of potential buyers, positioning works on convincing consumers that the goods are exactly what they wanted to buy. Factors that determine the position of the product in the market are: the price of the product, its quality, the manufacturer, the appearance, the purchase service, as well as the image of the purchased product. Positioning of goods on the market consists of a whole range of marketing activities that convince potential buyers that they are offered a product that is created specifically for their preferences.

It is possible to use a variety of marketing approaches, for example:

- positioning the goods on the basis of advantages, by meeting specific needs;

- positioning, which is aimed at a certain category of consumers who have already purchased this product or by means of comparison with competitors;

- product positioning using viewsabout what should be the goods. It should be borne in mind that positioning should not be related to the disinformation of the buyer. Although this can act once, but after this manufacturer expect serious trouble.

The most common are the following strategies for positioning goods on the market:

- Occupation of the niche in already formed segment by means of competitive struggle;

- search for a free segment and offer a product with exceptional properties.

The occupation of your niche involves a preliminarythe study of the competitive positions of all significant participants in this market, the existence of grounds for confidence in the competitive advantages of their goods, the constant monitoring of the size of the segment for its capacity, comparison of its potential with the potential of competitors, maintaining business activity at a sufficient level, using advanced methods of promoting the goods on the market. All this in aggregate creates the opportunity to offer consumers a product with better quality properties. Only under such conditions the company can be sure that it will succeed in occupying its niche, having won it from its competitors.

The second strategy is a searchmarket "window", a narrow sub-segment that is not yet occupied or used inadequately. This strategy, with the right approach to marketing activities, ensures the success of the enterprise.

The way to understand why they buy a certainproducts and do not buy another, is a method of comparing the main factors that affect the preferences of potential buyers. The result of the conducted research of the goods of a certain segment existing on the market is obtained by means of questioning, interviewing and other methods of studying the buyer's motives, the scheme of positioning of competing products. This scheme reflects important, from the point of view of the potential consumer, product properties. The positioning of goods on the market does not correspond to its actual properties, but to its subjective perception by consumers.

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