Scheme of development of the metro for the near future

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The most important part of the urban transport systemis underground. The practice of the existence and development of large megacities convincingly demonstrates that it can not be a reasonable alternative.

How did the Moscow subway develop?

Moscow subway successfully transports passengersthis is the eighth decade. especially its effectiveness is manifested at the beginning of this century, when a dramatically increased number of cars led to endless traffic jams on all major highways of the capital. But the basic scheme for the development of the metro was formed in the thirties and forties of the last century. For its time, it seemed almost perfect. And only time has shown, that it is far not so. Radial-ring scheme for the development of the subway led to the overload of the city center by the flow of transit passengers, who, in order to get to the required station, had to go to the center, where all the existing lines converged. Or follow the Ring Line with two transplants. This problem only increased with the growth of the city in the peripheral direction. Outskirts became increasingly distant, and the number of people in them has steadily increased. And at the same time, there gradually came an understanding of the fact that the scheme for the development of the metro should be changed.

metro development scheme

Changing the concept

Eliminate the central part of the city from passengers,following it through transit, it was possible only by laying new lines that would connect the outlying districts between each other. And the new scheme for the development of the metro in Moscow involves, first of all, designing and creating lines that do not pass through the historical center of the city, and interchange nodes between them. They are called "chord" lines. Even more fundamentally changes the overall concept of the development of the infrastructure of the underground system of the so-called "light metro." It means open lines running along the lanes of the railway's alienation in the direction of the largest cities of the Moscow region. For their residents, many of whom work in Moscow, this is more than relevant.

metro moscow development

On the outskirts of Moscow

Radically, the existingscheme of the metro after the completion of the construction of four chord lines. They will come to those areas of Moscow, where they currently need the most. These lines will form a single contour. He must connect all the Moscow suburbs among themselves. The organization of movement on it assumes a route principle. It is not yet known whether one of the routes will be circular. But if such a decision is made, then in the Moscow metro two ring lines will actually function. The first chord line is already under construction. At the end of 2015, it is planned to put into operation its first section.

scheme for the development of metro to 2020

Metro of Moscow: development for the period until 2020

It is for the next five years that theapproved plans to build the infrastructure of the subway. And now it is being built in several directions. The scheme for the development of the metro until 2020 assumes the appearance of new stations both in the historical center of the city and on the continuations of already existing radial directions. Two currently operating subway lines, Solntsevskaya and Kalininskaya, should become one. Through the historic center of Moscow in 2019 will be the starting line of the Kalinin line. There will be stations "Volkhonka", "Plyushchikha", "Kutuzovsky Prospekt" and "Business Center". Six new stations will open on the Dmitrovsky radius, their construction is nearing completion. The oldest in Moscow Sokolnicheskaya line will continue to the station "Salaryevo." On the construction plans for a more remote period, while nothing concrete can not be said, they are under development.

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