Painting "Raptor": reviews, description, photo


Modern paint and varnish coating of the bodyThe car is very durable and durable. He is not afraid of temperature changes, rain and snow. Glossy for a long time does not tarnish and does not scratch. Unfortunately, the operating conditions are very different. Rigid natural conditions in a literal sense impose an imprint on cars - branches and stones leave scratches on the varnish. A multitude of transported goods contributes to the formation of scuffs.

Over time, through scratches and abrasions inevitablygets moisture and promotes the development of rust with all the ensuing consequences. Just for such cases, and developed a special technology for coating the body with a special polyurethane composition, which has the general name "Raptor".

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This is the usual name he received due to the trademark U-POL, which produces elastic coatings with this name.

What is Raptor?

First you need to understand what it issuch. Paint, or more precisely polyurea elastomer is a specialized two-component organic polymer. Thanks to it, it is possible to obtain seamless, strong and simultaneously elastic coatings on the surfaces of any shape and curvature. Roughly speaking, a coating of paint is not it, rather, a sprayed and then solidified elastic plastic having high adhesive and protective properties. Such properties have made polyurea ideal for use in industry, for coating applications requiring high wear-resistant and protective properties. These coatings can be used in a wide range:

  • building;
  • various engineering structures;
  • power and utilities.

Covering this body with car body parts is just one of the directions of its application.

painting machine raptor отзывы
Positive feedback on the painting of "Raptor" trucks confirm these statements.

Features of the coating "Raptor"

A feature of polyurea elastomers isthat they do not contain volatile solvents. This makes them non-toxic and non-flammable. Also they do not contain in their composition carcinogenic tar and tar, harmful to the human body.

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Another feature is the lack ofa polymer of plasticizers required for paint and varnish coatings. They eventually lead to shrinkage of the coating when it dries. In other words, such a coating, in the absence of mechanical impact, will exist forever, as the reviews say. Also, one should not forget about exceptional strength and elasticity, moisture resistance and chemical inertness. All this suggests that we have a very promising and generally positive kind of coatings. It is no coincidence that the Raptor painting is very positive. But on this our story does not end.

What is necessary for painting "Raptor"

This polymer coating is sold in bottles withbasic material, plus a container of hardener. Also included is a special paint and varnish gun (sold separately). With it, you can adjust the degree of surface roughness. Naturally, there are variants of packaging in aerosol containers for local painting or for individual small elements. Special surface primers and cleaners are used to prepare the surface. They are also produced by U-POL and some other companies.


As for the cost, the painting kit(volume 4 liters), which includes 4 cans of source material and hardener, costs about 6 thousand rubles. To this, we need to add a special gun for painting (1,700 rubles).

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To repaint the whole car you needapproximately three such sets. To this amount (from 19700 rubles) it will be necessary to add the cost of the work itself (as much as the same). Of course, the figure is rather big. However, considering all the advantages of this technology, it should be used. Many decide on such a procedure, as painting "Raptor". Reviews indicate that the coating perfectly protects the body from rust and scratches.

Painting technology

The technology itself is not too complicated, however,requires preliminary preparation. If the entire body is to be processed, all hinged elements must be removed. This bumpers, lights, mirrors, door handles, etc. After this, the body is prepared - removal and cleaning of rust. Open metal must be primed with a special primer. Dents, as usual, ryhtuyutsya and shpaklyuyutsya. The entire surface after preparation is matted with sandpaper. The surface for better adhesion should be roughened.

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The paint material itself is mixed withhardener in a ratio of 3 to 1 and applied using a spray gun, like a conventional paint. The first layer is dried for an hour. Then a second one is applied, which requires polymerization for 5-7 days. The car can be started in 12 hours. It is better, of course, to sustain a longer time interval for obtaining optimal results.

Features of color matching

It should be borne in mind that the coating "Raptor" exists only in black and milky white.

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Shades are created using special colors.They are added to the prepared composition in an amount of up to 10%. Using a white coating, you can save the original light color of the car (albeit with a whitish shade).

Security measures

Car treatment of any material that the usual paint that "Raptor" should be carried out with the obligatory observance of safety measures. There are certain types of danger:

  • flammability;
  • toxicity of the starting material in relation to the mucous membranes and skin (may cause cracking and irritation), respiratory organs.

Therefore, when working with the Raptor, you should observe all security measures as for painting works.

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In the presence there should be protective clothing, glasses and respirators, necessarily ventilation of the premises. Toxicity coating will lose after polymerization, and before drying it should be careful.

Features of Raptor

Polyurethane coating forms a special protective film. It has the following advantages:

  • Increased strength, which has a painting "Raptor". Reviews say that a deep scratch can be removed even with a conventional hair dryer.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress and abrasion.
  • Does not burn out in the open sun and does not fade.
  • The process of painting does not require high qualification.
  • It does not require careful preparation for painting as compared to the ideal removal in normal processing.
  • It is applied with a spray gun and roller.
  • Painting can be performed even outdoors, at normal room temperature.
  • Does not require additional protective coating (varnish) painting the machine "Raptor". Reviews repeatedly affirm This fact.
  • Reliably protects against corrosion and chemical influences.

Disadvantages of coating

With all the diversity of merits of thiscoatings are available and disadvantages. This coating can not be varnished and polished. Therefore, it will always be matte. The applied coating will always be rough, like shagreen, which does not always look beautiful on all machines.

painting oase raptor отзывы
The application technology requires rigorouscompliance, otherwise chipped and surface defects are possible, which again spoils the aesthetics. Very long (especially in comparison with the usual LCP) drying time and full polymerization. It lasts up to three weeks.

Painting with Raptor: reviews

Pros and cons of this technology have already been describedhigher. The opinions of many owners are encouraging. For example, painting the UAZ with Raptor. Testimonials indicate that with this coating machine, now, no branches or stones are scary. The car now is not afraid even of contacts with other cars. Also often painted "Niva" "Raptor". The reviews practically repeat what has been said about UAZ.

painting prado 120 raptor white reviews
No scratches and scuffs, on anyoff-road and in all weather conditions. In some places painting was done "Prado 120" ("Raptor" is white). The reviews are also encouraging - the car has retained its former color, but has become rough and matte. In addition to external beauty (however, the amateur), there was resistance to scratches, which are unavoidable with a varnished coating.


Thus, many car owners choose a method such as painting "Raptor". The reviews also say that many have succeeded in this method to win or at least to stop corrosion.