Engine overheating, causes, consequences

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Overheating of the engine is an unpleasant business, which leads to a loss of time and money to eliminate this problem. Coolant leakage is the simplest and most common cause.

A timely check of the liquid level in the system is necessary, if a shortage is found, inspect all joints after passing through the cooling system circuit.

Engine overheating.
The second reason is the failure of the thermostat, it may notpass hot liquid into the radiator. If after 10 minutes of work the radiator turns out to be cold, it is necessary to remove the thermostat and put in hot water (80 degrees), at this temperature it should open (the thermostat does not work, a replacement is needed).

The third reason is the clogging of the cooling system orthe radiator itself. This can be caused by the formation of scale on the tubes (from the use of hard water containing various salts in its composition) or the ingress of foreign objects into the system.

Scaling reduces engine cooling,which in this case overheats, the viscosity of the oil decreases, which leads to poor lubricity of the parts. The detonation begins, fuel consumption increases. Pour soft water (rain, distilled, from mountain rivers). Sea or soil - hard. To soften, add trisodium phosphate or soda ash. There are many tools available to deal with this problem.

Overheating of the engine VAZ.
When the scale is formed, the whole system must be rinsed with any scaling agent.

Happens, the thermostat and a liquid cooling in norm or rate,and the engine is heated. In this case, it may be that the hose going to the pump is not tightly tightened (it is required to replace the hose clamp with a narrow one to tighten the hose to the fitting more tightly). This breakdown is typical for the car Moskvich 2140.

At Zaporozhets bad cooling by the counter air. In this case, install different deflectors, air intakes, fans.

In some machines the very principle of coolingIt is built on the motion of the coolant in a large and small circle. While the engine is cold, the liquid circulates through a small circle. When you warm up, the thermostat opens and the circulation begins on a large (through the radiator). The thermostat may not open, and liquid access to the large circle will be closed. Overheating of the engine VAZ 2108, 2109, 2199 can occur for this reason. To check the operation of the thermostat, it is necessary to warm the engine to 90 degrees and touch the pipe leading to the radiator. If the thermostat does not work, the nozzle will be cold.

Overheating of the motor consequences.
Overheating of the engine can occur from contamination of the outer surface of the cylinders. To clean them, you need to remove the carburetor and cut the casing that covers them.

The engine may overheat due to a malfunction of the water pump, failure of the drive (if the belt is broken).

This is a serious problem, as a result of whichthe motor can jam directly in the path. The heads of the cylinders will warp, parts will be deformed due to excess heat. If the engine overheats, the consequences can become irreversible as a result of ordinary inattention. Check the cooling system before traveling, not on the road.

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